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A girl’s thoughts on football


[ Just a note to say that this isn’t a serious post. Someone I know found my explanation of football to be very amusing and told me I should post it, so I found a way to religi-tize it.]

So the Super Bowl is on right now: It’s the Carolina Panthers vs the (?) Broncos. I’m not watching it myself, but I’m hearing about it from someone who is rooting for the Broncos 😋… (having grown up in the Carolinas, I’m rooting for the Panthers… and apparently they’re losing. 😋) I don’t really care about football, or even understand it… A play usually lasts for like, 2 seconds, then the players wander around twiddling their thumbs for ages while the tv people watch the video over and over again to try and figure out what just happened, then they do it again. Weird stuff 😋

Either way, it’s important for us to keep in mind that these things don’t really matter in the end. Entertainment, money, prestige, popularity, our jobs/careers, etc ad nauseam. We can’t take any of that with us when we die. It won’t amount to anything. The only thing that will matter is whether or not we were pleasing to God, whether we make it through this crazy life with our souls intact and Heaven-bound, and whether we did whatever we could to help others get there too.

God help me (us) to remember that…


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