(Note: I’m still working on getting the “look” of this blog to my liking, so expect to see visual changes being made here and there, at least until I delete this note…)

I’ll never forget the first time I went to a Catholic Mass. I had become curious to go to one shortly before, after talking a bit about faith and such with a Traditional (cradle) Catholic. You’re probably thinking that, with me having decided to convert to the Catholic Faith, and now bringing up my first Mass experience, that I fell in love with Catholicism during that Mass. Nope – quite the opposite actually. I had been a (non-denominational) Protestant for about 10 years prior to this, and thought it would be just like the church services I had become accustomed to, except with Catholicy sermons, a Priest dressed in a fancy robe instead of a Pastor dressed in a business suit (or God forbid, jeans and a t-shirt), and a guarantee of Communion as opposed to just on some holidays (I should mention that I was forwarned about how I wouldn’t be allowed to participate in this part, so I knew to stay seated). Boy was I wrong… I walked out of there at the end completely dumbfounded and wondering “What the heck WAS all that?!?!?!” It was by far the most bizarre thing that I had ever witnessed in my entire life. Shortly after that I decided “that’s not for me.”

So. How did I go from *that* to deciding that I wanted to be Catholic?

It’s a long story.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a blog about my own personal conversion story, per se’. It’s about talking about the things that I’ve learned (and will continue to learn) about the Catholic Faith that convinced me that it’s actually God’s Church (with a capital “C”). It’s about showing the Beauty that is to be found, if you just know where to look. It’s about showing others who didn’t grow up surrounded by the Catholic Faith that it really isn’t what we’ve been lead to believe by those who hold misconceptions about it themselves. It’s about dismantling those misconceptions so the Truth can actually be given a chance to be seen. It’s in hopes of getting anyone who reads this to give the Faith a fighting chance; to consider it for themselves with an open mind instead of just blindly dismissing it without really understanding it.


Full disclosure: This blog is NOT to be taken as an Official source of Catholic Teaching. I’m not in any kind of authority position within the Church. I won’t pretend to know everything about the Catholic Faith, or even a large chunk of it. I’ll be continuing to learn new things about it for years to come. I don’t have all the answers, and won’t always know how to respond to arguments made against some details of Catholic doctrine. Like I said, I still have much to learn here myself. I’m just trying to get people to become interested in researching Catholicism for themselves, and will write about and quote from Official sources now and then (among other things) in hopes of pointing people in the right direction. Nothing more, and nothing less.


If you’re wondering about the title of this blog, it’s in reference to Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face (aka, Saint Therese of Lisieux / The Little Flower). She was a French Carmelite Nun who died in 1897 at the ripe young age of 24 from Tuberculosis. She has been named a Doctor of the Church, and Pope Pius X dubbed her “the greatest Saint of modern times.” One of her most well-known quotes is where I got the title of this blog. She said: “I will spend my heaven doing good upon earth. I will let fall from heaven a shower of roses.” And indeed, she has. I’ve been completely floored by her ever since I began reading her unintentional autobiography (which consists of things she wrote at the request of her superiors, and was published after her death), in part because I can relate to her so much.

st therese shower of roses


If you clicked on my name expecting to find my old blog – I decided to stop writing that particular blog for a number of reasons.

It wasn’t well planned, and was too convoluted, for one. Meaning, I had way too many different possible topics that I originally set out to write about, but there wasn’t any cohesion between them. It didn’t make sense to me after a while; it was like standing in front of one of those signs with arrows pointing in 10 different directions, and you don’t know which way to go. I stopped writing on it partly because I couldn’t make up my mind what to write about next, even though I had plenty of possibilities in mind. I decided that I should focus more on one thing, and Faith is the one most important to me; the one that I’m most able to write a lot about.

That leads into another reason, which came about after Chad made a comment (somewhere…?) a while back that really got me thinking. If I remember correctly, it was something along the lines of how you need to focus on getting your own spiritual maturity built up into a good place before you can really be useful in helping others do the same. In pondering this, one thing lead to another, and I came to an extra conclusion that Chad probably didn’t intend: I realized that I could write about all this other stuff, and it could even be good and important. But if I can’t connect it well enough in writing (not that it doesn’t connect; I’m just not that skilled of a writer to write it in a way that makes sense) to the most important part of life (growing spiritually and becoming closer to God, as well as becoming more holy from the inside out), then it’s just a band-aid. It’s all in vain. Gaining the world, but losing your soul, and all that. There are more important and urgent things to focus on. I hope to do that here.

Also, my old blog’s original focus (and title) had a lot to do with femininity and was supposed to be aimed at women. But I ended up with only a few female “followers” and a lot of male ones; and the females that were there already understand the things I was writing about anyways. While I certainly have no problem with the fact that men were there reading it and commenting on it, (especially since I had a number of posts aimed at asking them for their thoughts on something or other) – what that means in practice is that I wasn’t reaching my target demographic. So for me to continue writing there about femininity-related things once I realized that would make me an “attention whore,” which I have no interest in being. So I decided to switch over to a completely Faith-based blog, where it doesn’t make a difference who reads.

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